Turquoise Rock with Fishing Fly
River Rock Series #1258

When fly-fishing in rocky rivers, the fly is frequently lost due to becoming caught among the river rocks. This book’s closure consists of a fishing fly (hook de-barbed) on a cord.  The cord wraps around the rock and fastens to a small quartz bead.  Accordian folded joss paper is sewn to a strap on the inside of the rock.  Small curliques of brass wire add an element of sound.  A special handmade paper, Granite, covers the outside of the book.

The river rock series were inspired by another artist who makes vessels from Corian counter top material.  The texture of the material and the smoothness of the shapes were irresistible.  Our River Rocks are made from carved balsa wook and are covered with rock-look papers.  Intriguing closures hold the books together.

Other items in the River Rock Series: Purple/Green Rock, Black Rock with Feather, Tide Stone, Round Black & Rust Stone, Round Gray Granite

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